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Canada Violet:
The Canada Violet (top left) can be up to 18" tall and has broad oval or heart shaped leaves with pointed tips. The lower petal of the flower has striped fine dark lines. Blooming season continues from April through July.  This violet grows in rich woods at altitudes up to 4000'.
Long-Spurred Violet:
This unique violet (top right) with  a long spur is usually blue but sometimes white. It can be found on moist wooded slopes at elevations up to 3500'.  Blooming season usually is April and May.

Bird's Foot Violet:
The Bird's Foot Violet shown above  usually has lavender to purple petals; however, one variety has  two dark purple upper petals , and occasionally, you may find this beautiful violet with all white petals. The flower may be up to 1" wide with the lower petal wider than the other four petals.  The inside of the blossom will be decorated with orange antlers.  Look for this plant from March through June in dry, open woods along GSM trails and roads at elevations from 1000' to 3000'.
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