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Pink Lady's Slipper
The pink lady slipper, also known as moccasin flower, appears at the top of a leafless stem 12 - 18" in height.  Two oval, smooth edge leaves grow at the base.  The plant grows at elevations up to 3000' and can be found in decaying pine forests .  This plant, which rarely survives transplanting, forms a symbiotic relationship with fungus in the soil which enables it to absorb nutrients.  You may find this endangered flower in pine dominated forest on  slopped banks  along several trails in GSM.  Blooming season is April and May.
Large Yellow Lady's Slipper
Growing on rich, moist slopes at elevations up to 4000', the yellow hollow moccasin of this orchid blooms from late April until June and can reach a height of 12 - 24" . If the pouch is smaller than 1", the plant is a "small yellow lady slipper". The plant contains 3 - 5 leaves which are 2 - 4" wide, strongly veined, and grow alternately on the hairy stem.  This rare orchid can grow alone or in spectacular colonies.
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