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Wild Ginger: *
The wild ginger plant (left) has two  hairy kidney shaped leaves with the blossom located at the base of the plant making it difficult to see. The dull brownish purple blossom is cup shaped with three pointed lobes.  Look for this plant in April & May growing on rich slopes at elevations up to 3000'. This photograph was taken in April along Little River Trail - Elkmont (GSM).
Little Brown Jug: *
Little Brown Jug (right), also known as False Ginger, is distinguished from wild ginger by its leathery smooth evergreen leaves .  Often hidden by leaves, the numerous purple brown jugs occur at ground level in May.  This plant grows on wooded slopes at elevations below 3000' and can be found on Sugarland Nature Trail and Porter's Creek Trail (GSM).
* Both plants have a distinct ginger odor when leaves are crushed.
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