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Large Flowered Trillium
Large-Flowered Trilliums are 8 - 18" high with a stem bearing a 2 - 4" blossom. Plants grow in rich woods of the GSM and southern portion of BRP at elevations up to 5000'.   Plants take 6 years to grow from seeds to flowers and blossoms turn pink with age.  Depending on elevation, look for  plants April through June.
White Erect Trillium
White Erect Trilliums (2nd row photos) bloom in April and May, reach a height of up to 12",  and grow in large colonies from the foothills to elevations  up to 5000'. The blossom generally has a dark center which helps to distinguish it from  the Large-Flowered Trillium.   These flowers were photographed along Porter's Creek Trail off of Greenbrier Road (GSM , Highway 321).
Wake Robin Trillium
The Wake Robin Trillium (3rd row left photo), also known as "stinking Willie" because of its pungent odor, grows in rich woods, flowers from March through June, and can be found at all elevations.  This plant was found in June on Rough Butt Trail (BRP, mile 427.1)
Yellow Trillium
The Yellow Trillium (3rd row right photo) grows in deciduous woods at elevations up to 3000', reaches a heigth of up to 12", and blooms April through May. The single flower has no stalk and is referred to as sessile flower.  A closely related species, Huger's Trillium, has brownish purple petals.  This trillium can be found at various locations in GSM.
Huger's Trillium
Huger's Trillium (bottom row), also known as "Little Sweet Betsy"(Cuneatum), grows in rich soils at lower elevations and blooms in March &  April. The blownish purple, strong smelling sessile flower has erect petals  2" long with leaves  up to 4" wide and grows close to the ground.  This plant is closely related to the yellow trillium pictured above.
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